3rd International Seminar on Information Law

3rd International Seminar on Information Law , Corfu June 25-26, 2010.

Department of Archive & Library Science – Postgraduate Program

The International Seminar on Information Law is organized by the Department of Archive and Library Science, Ionian University, as part of the Postgraduate Program. The Seminar aims at the presentation of papers on a variety of subjects within information law and also, information ethics.
Researchers interested on presenting please contact botti@otenet.gr

Keynote Speakers:

Our guest speaker on June 26th is President Commissioner Oscar Guerra Ford, who is President of the Institute for Access to Public Information of the Federal District, Mexico City, Mexico. The Institute guarantees and supervises the compliance to the Transparency and Access to Information Act, T & API, and the Data Protection Acts (DP) in Mexico City. The President Commissioner will speak about the development of these rights in the national and local level, particularly in the Federal District (Mexico City), as there are some important differences between them. Also, the President Commissioner will speak about the Institute’s work and activities since 2004 and the challenges for the future. The President Commissioner will present a proposal of minimum requirements that every Freedom of Information Act must have, as an alternative to be discussed in the Seminar.

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