AIIP – First International workshop on Artificial Intelligence and IP law

AIIP, the first international workshop on AI and IP, will be held in
conjunction with the JURIX conference on AI and Law on the 17.12.2012 in

Important dates:

Deadline for abstracts (not more than 1000 words) : Friday the 23.11.2012

Notification of acceptance: Thursday 29.11.2012

The workshop is supported by the RCUK Centre for Copyright and New
Business Models in the Creative Economy, CREATe.

Call for Papers:

The digital economy is a technology mediated economy. Computer programs create, store, replicate and distribute its main commodity, digital objects of various kinds. Copyright law has taken on particular significance in this economy, protecting the investment of companies and creators, incentivising innovation and creativity, and ultimately becoming the central element that regulates the relation between the stakeholders in this economy. Ever since Larry Lessig’s proposal to understand “Digital Rights Management” as a form of regulation through
code, the field of copyright in the digital economy has opened up a new field of research questions for Artificial Intelligence and Law. How can we represent in more intelligent and semantically richer ways legal concepts that ensure that all, and only, lawful use can be made of digital objects such as film clips or music tunes? How can Information Retrieval support e-discovery in IP litigation? How can we support through technology creators and digital businesses to manage their IP
rights, or to use third party material in a law-compliant way? These are just a few of the questions that offer new and exciting applications for artificial intelligence in a legal context.

Despite this obvious opportunity for AI and Law research to contribute to the open problem of the adequate regulation of the digital economy, papers with a focus on IP law have been the exception in the AI and law community. The first workshop an AI and IP aims to address this issue, by inviting researchers with background in law or AI to exchange ideas, develop new research programmes and ultimately to form a new community of experts. For the first workshop, we invite papers on topics such as
– “intelligent” DRM systems and copyright regulation through computer code.
– formal models of copyright law and legislation.
– e-discovery for IP litigation.
– decision support systems for IP law.
– intelligent compliance support systems for copyright protected assets.
– intelligent software supported mediation support for IP disputes

Abstracts of no more than 1000 words should be send to the workshop
organiser, Burkhard Schafer,

Publication possibilities of full papers will be discussed at the
workshop, contacts have been made to several journals, including Script-ed.

Important dates:

Deadline for abstracts: Friday the 23.11.2012

Notification of acceptance: Thursday 29.11.2012

At least one author for every accepted paper will have to register
through the conference website,

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