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Copyright Enforcement and the Internet
Edited by: Irini Stamatoudi
Imprint: Kluwer Law International 2010
ISBN: 9789041133465
Format: Hardcover

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Copyright infringements are taking place on a large scale on the Internet and in more particular, in platforms such as P2P networks. Due to the anarchic structure of the Internet, the effort of right holders of IP rights and national governments to enforce copyright faces many difficulties. Enforcement mechanisms such as the “three strikes system” are put in place which are heavily criticised. Hence, many remain pessimistic about the future of copyright protection.

This book, edited by I. Stamatoudi, comprises the contributions of many experts addressing issues of copyright enforcement on the Internet. Most of the existing European Union and international policies are considered in some depth, and the authors also discuss a variety of national laws and initiatives, technical measures, and the soft law and hard law models that have been proposed.

Some of the issues discussed in this book are the following: Directive 2004/48, ACTA, policies of international organisations, the role of ISPs, the graduated response in France (the ‘HADOPI’ law), Data protection issues, etc.

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