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5th International Conference on Information Law and Ethics 2012

Equity, Integrity and Beauty in Information Law and Ethics

Corfu, Greece June 29-30, 2012
Ionian Academy

Organizers: Ionian University-International Society for Ethics and Technology

See call for papers at

Keynote speakers: Luciano Floridi, Professor, Unesco Chair for Information Ethics-Oxford University
Herman Tavani, Professor, Rivier College, US
Guest speakers: Professor Dimitris Gritzalis, Professor Karsten Weber, Professor Kenneth Einar Himma

Special sessions:

1. Arts and Ethics

2. Women in Academia

Guest speakers: Professor Kia Nobre, University of Oxford
Dr. Apsasia Tsaoussis, Lecturer, Aristotle University

Contributions to all sessions are open. Contact

ICIL 2012

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