Postgraduate Studies in ICT, IP and Media Law

The Postgraduate Studies in ICT, IP & Media Law programme provides a one-year comprehensive and in-depth study of European ICT, IP & Media Law. It distinguishes itself from existing programmes through its focus on interdisciplinary perspectives (ranging from technological and economic studies to socio-political, cultural, and media studies) and on problem-oriented learning and practical skills training (offering an internship as well as a specific skills course module). Its highly individualised approach, whereby students are appointed a personal tutor for preparing tasks and papers, makes this postgraduate programme unique in Europe and beyond. Participants may choose a professional stream, including a field internship, with the emphasis on acquiring up-to-date knowledge and professional legal skills. Or, those wishing to acquire fundamental insights in the field of ICT & media law research may prefer a research stream with a research-oriented internship.

Course lecturers and coordinators are Prof. Jos Dumortier and Prof. Peggy Valcke (K.U. Leuven), both leading European experts on ICT and media law. To answer the need for specialised training, the faculty is drawn from a wide array of academics, government officials, civil servants from such institutions as the European Commission and national regulatory authorities, as well as leading practitioners. In this way, the programme offers academic quality and added value both to graduate students wishing to cap their curriculum, and to practitioners in search of top-quality, cutting-edge expertise.

Students will have the opportunity to follow the introductory week on European law organized by the law faculty for its various LL.M. and advanced studies programmes.

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