5th International Conference on Information Law and Ethics 2012

Corfu, June 29-30, 2012

International Conference on Information Law
Equity, integrity and beauty in information law and ethics

The 5th International Conference on Information Law is organized by the Department of Archive and Library Sciences of the Ionian University. The Conference aims at the presentation of papers on a variety of subjects within information law and also, information ethics. The conference will host invited presentations and refereed paper presentations.

ICIL 2012 is sponsored by the International Society for Ethics and Technology (US) and the Institute for Legal Informatics (Germany).

Call for papers

We are interested in papers on intellectual property, data protection, freedom of information, individual rights and information, privacy, cyberlaw and cyberethics, media law and ethics, digital divide and information technology, e-government, surveillance, intellectual freedom, open access, digital divide and other.

We are also particularly interested in papers on the historical development of information laws and ethical theory and we would also consider papers dealing with the social, political or psychological aspects of information.

More detailed information will be available soon.

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