Conference on Privacy and Scientific Research

Conference on Privacy and Scientific Research
Crowne Plaza, Brussels

On 23 November 2010 the Belgian Privacy Commission will organize an international conference on privacy and scientific research. The conference will take place in the context of the 2010 Belgian EU presidency and focuses on several target groups, first of all the European data protection authorities, but also national and international academics and researchers.

Two areas of scientific research will be examined: historical and medical/health research. The conference is primarily intended as a discussion forum on best practices in both areas. That is why workshops will be organized alongside the traditional plenary sessions.

“Privacy & Scientific Research: from Obstruction to Construction” was opted for as the working title of the conference, the objective of the event being a reflection on how to integrate privacy protection in scientific research without making it an obstacle. And what’s more, the quality of research will only be improved thanks to privacy protection. We can therefore call this an ambitious, but also a valuable project.

The Privacy Commission looks forward to welcoming you at this event! More information is available on the conference website.

More information about the Belgian EU presidency can be found on the “EU trio”

Programme of the conference can be found here

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