Call for Papers, IADIS

IADIS International Conference

Informatics 2010

Freiburg, Germany

26 – 28 July 2010

Call for Papers
This conference event shall host fundamental topics on Informatics. In addition, its scope is not just limited to fundamental theory, but it should also cover the impact of Informatics on society and human life, and it shall furthermore complement theory foundations with technical considerations and practice. Today, most research focuses on technical aspects of Informatics, but this event shall serve as well as platform for an exchange of ideas, which respect that all technology primarily has to serve human in their daily life and ease daily demands and problems. In this context non-technical people, handicapped people and third world have to be addressed by appropriate solutions and adequate engineering. Also in the technical realization of the principles of Informatics, the human factor plays an important role when Informatics is applied in manufacturing, engineering, and administration processes.

Main topics have been identified (see below). However, innovative contributions that don’t fit into these areas will also be considered since they might be of benefit to conference attendees.

Acceptance will be based primarily on originality, significance and quality of contribution.

Topics for this conference include, but are not limited to:

Theory Foundations

– Algorithms
– Architectures
– Artificial intelligence
– Compilers
– Complex systems
– Data modeling
– Expert systems
– Graph theory
– Hybrid methods
– Interfaces
– Interpreters
– Natural language processing
– Numerical computation
– Object orientation
– Ontologies
– Programming languages
– Programming techniques
– Scientific computing
– Service-oriented architecture
– Theorems

Human Respect

– Accessibility
– Application design
– Bio-signal processing
– Computing for handicapped
– Computer science in practice Education
and Informatics
– Ethics
– Freedom of information
– Geographic information
– Information retrieval
– Medical applications
– Multimedia
– Privacy
– Public digital libraries
– Public science archives
– Quality-of-service
– Security
– Ubiquitous tools
– Visualization
– Virtual reality

Technical Aspects

– Adaptive systems
– Computer aided design
– Computer aided manufacturing
– Computing practices
– Development processes
– Distribution processes
– Distributed systems
– Embedded systems
– Grid computing
– Industrial applications
– Interoperability
– Marketing
– Networking
– Parallel systems
– Performance issues
– Simulation
– Software development
– Software engineering
– System integration

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