Cyberlaw Developments of 2009 in USA

1) Eric Goldman posts in his blog some important and very interesting cyberlaw cases:

These concern trademark infringment, antispam litigation, copyright infringment, online agreements, content disputes, keyword advertising, etc.
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2) In the same blog John E. Ottaviani states his own list. He namely states that:
“Eric will post his own list later, but I thought we could start off the holiday season with one person’s view of the top Cyberlaw developments of 2009. It was an interesting year. While intellectual property issues continue to dominate, and we continue to see plaintiffs and their attorneys running smack into Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, we’ve also seen developments in the areas of Constitutional law, criminal law, and state and federal regulation. So, let’s recap 2009. Unlike David Letterman’s lists, this list is in no particular order of importance”.

This list includes following topics:

1. File Sharing Decisions.
2. Rise of Copyright First Sale Doctrine.
3. Demise of “Use in Commerce” Defense in Keyword Cases.
4. Internet Gambling.
5. State Attempts to Regulate the Internet.
6. Attempts to Criminalize Breaches of Terms of Use.
7. Online Endorsements.
8. DMCA Take-Down Notices.
9. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.
10. Right to Privacy.

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3) Top 10 Copyright Law Scandals That Rocked the World in 2009

A Decade of Copyright Litigation with particular interest to Cyberlaw is reviewed in Law Vibe

The author states, in more particular, that: “When January 1, 2000 came about there was a great deal of uncertainty about the future of copyright. The DMCA had just became law a few years prior and the lawsuit between the RIAA and Napster was just starting to make headlines. There was clearly a war brewing but no one was sure where it would lead.
The 2000s were the decade of that war. From the opening bell to an ongoing conflict today, the Web grew up to a point where copyright industries could no longer ignore it and they began to fight back as well as embrace it.
It was a decade of copyright conflict, as well as new ideas and new technology. Looking back on it, it is almost impossible to pick the ten biggest stories, especially since history is yet to decide what is most important, but I decided to make a run at it nonetheless.”

These top stories include the following:

10. Apple Sues Psystar
9. SCO Tries to Kill Linux
8. UMG and Viacom Take On Veoh and YouTube
7. Perfect 10 Sues Google
6. The Google Book Search Saga
5. The Pirate Bay Saga
4. Three Strikes
3. Grokster Sets a New Standard
2. The RIAA Lawsuits
1. Napster Shuts Down

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