Law and ICT Shared Virtual Campus

Registration in the Law&ICT Shared Virtual Campus

The registration in the LAW&ICT Shared Virtual Campus e-learning offer (Official offer, LEFIS Master, LEFIS Specialization Certificates and LEFIS courses of Professional specialization) is open. The brochure that provides information about the courses is here

The references to the registration, contents and participation in the Master, Certificates and courses will be given by:

Administrative questions

PºFernando el Católico, 2, entr.
50005 Zaragoza
+34 976 351508

Academic questions

Fernando Galindo Ayuda
Facultad de Derecho
Tel.- +34 976761455

Syllabus/Contents of the Law&ICT Shared Virtual Campus Courses offer

The Syllabus/Contents of the Law&ICT Shared Virtual Campus Course offer for 2009-10 is here

On European Virtual Campuses

The link to the REVICA project (Reviewing European Virtual Campuses) is here

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