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International Copyright Conference

7 – 8 May 2009 in Berlin, DZ-Bank, Pariser Platz 3

Digital technology, and globalisation connected with the Internet, have
fundamentally changed the parameters for using content protected
under copyright law. In view of the major overall economic impact and
the magnitude of the importance of protecting intellectual property for
society itself, there continues to be substantial attention emanating
from politics, from the economy and from scientific circles on the issue
of what actually constitutes the right protection of intellectual property.
With this Conference the Federal Ministry of Justice wants to take
stock of the current situation and boost thinking on the further
development of copyright law at the national, European and
international levels. In regard to substance, the Conference will be
discussing the basic conceptional alignment needed for the further
development of copyright law. So far as international or European
provisions determine the status quo, there should be reflection on
whether, and if so how, these requirements are to be modified.
In historical terms, German, European and international copyright law
have been moulded by the notion of ensuring protection for creative
authors. However, in economic terms, copyright is today increasingly
serving to protect commercial users. In the discussion of how
copyright law is to evolve, as much thought is to be expended on this
economic reality as on the concerns of users and on the common
good of the general public. This discussion should be conducted with
reference to selected, representative markets like the information
market (“Knowledge Economy”) and the entertainment market
(“Entertainment Industry”).
Papers and discussions will be interpreted simultaneously into
German, English and French.


Thursday, 7 May 2009
9.30 am Registration of participants
10.30 am – 11.00 am Welcoming remarks
Brigitte Zypries
Federal Minister of Justice
11.05 am – 11.35 am Keynote-speech I – legal analysis
Prof. Dr. Reto M. Hilty
Director, Max Planck Institute for Intellectual
Property, Competition and Tax Law, Munich
11.40 am – 12.10
Keynote speech II – economic analysis
Prof. Dietmar Harhoff, Ph.D.
Institute for Innovation Research, Technology
Management and Entrepreneurship, Ludwig
Maximilian University, Munich
2.00 pm – 5.30 pm Panel I – “Knowledge Economy“
Prof. Dr. Rainer Kuhlen, University of
Konstanz; ENCES – European Network for
Copyright in support of Education and Science
Eric Merkel-Sobotta, Springer
Science+Business Media, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Roland Reuß, German Department,
University of Heidelberg
Barbara Stratton, cilip – Chartered Institute of
Library and Information Professionals; EBLIDA
and IFLA, London
Maarten Wilbers, CERN – European
Organization for Nuclear Research, member of
the SCOAP3 working group, Geneva
chairperson: Dr. Martin Schaefer
legal practicioner at the law firm Boehmert &
Boehmert, Berlin
7.30 pm
Dinner at the invitation of the Federal
Minister of Justice
Friday, 8 May 2009
9.00 am – 12.30
Panel II – “Entertainment Industry”
Dr. Harald Heker, GEMA – German Society for
musical performing and mechanical reproduction
Bendik Hofseth, jazz solo saxophonist,
composer; NOPA – Norsk vorening for
komponister og tekstforfattere
Shira Perlmutter, IFPI – International Federation
of the Phonographic Industry, London
Supran Sen, Film Federation Of India; Film &
Television Producers Guild, Mumbai
Matthias Spielkamp, – “Urheberrecht
in der digitalen Welt” (“Copyright in the Digital
World”), Berlin
chairperson: Tim Renner, Berlin
2.00 pm – 3.50 pm “How should copyright develop in the future?”
Dr. Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO –
World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva
Dr. Günther Krings, Member of the Bundestag
(to be confirmed)
Dirk Manzewski, Member of the Bundestag (to
be confirmed)
Jacques Toubon, Member of the European
Parliament, Brussels
A Representative of the European
chairperson: Dr. Hubert Weis,
Federal Ministry of Justice
3.50 pm – 4.00 pm Closing remarks
Brigitte Zypries
Federal Ministry of Justice
Afterwards Departure of the participants

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