By | 26 Οκτωβρίου 2008

Ioannis Iglezakis

The development of E-Governance and the issue of digital inclusion in Greece with particular regard to the constitutional right of e-participation

2008 (1) The Journal of Information, Law and Technology (JILT).

The roll-out of e-Government services is currently advancing well in Greece, which is a slow starter in the field of e-Government, but moves now with fast steps ahead. The development of e-Governance presents many chances and also risks for the society. One issue deserving attention is the issue of the digital gap between “information haves” and “information have nots”. Bridging the digital divide would need a great amount of financial resources and a strategic plan aiming at increasing access to information and building knowledge infrastructure. Although there is presently no specific programme to promote digital inclusion in Greece, the Government seems to take into account the need to address this issue.

The imperative to promote digital inclusion is enshrined in the Greek Constitution, which provides for a right to e-participation. However, this right is not directly actionable, and therefore, it does not provide the means to judicial recourse. Policies with regard to digital inclusion could be included in the definition of the Universal Service, and also in legislative programmes having this objective.

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