Law, Technology and the New Paradigm of Performance

Symposium at the occasion of the retirement of Professor Richard V. De Mulder

During his long academic career, Richard De Mulder has introduced and evaluated a whole number of new paradigms and theories. This already started when he was teaching criminal law, as a member of the Louk Hulsman group, right at the beginning of his work at Erasmus University. It really took a flight, however, after he turned his attention to the subject of ‘Computers and Law’. He was a founding father of the research as well as the education in this field in The Netherlands.
Not satisfied with just that, he took an interest in management science, which not only led to the completion of an MBA, but also to the incorporation of this subject in his research and teaching of the application of information technology in the field of law. One of the results of that was an added interest in ‘legal knowledge management’, which is still a core subject for the ‘Centre for Comptuters and Law’ at Erasmus University.
All this and even more will be dealt with during a symposium that will be organized at the occasion of his retirement, on July 1, 2011.

With a special appearance by Professor Michael C. Jensen
13.30 – 15.30: Beyond Agency Theory: The Hidden and Heretofore Inaccessible Power of Integrity
When he introduced his Resourceful Evaluating Maximizing Model (‘The Nature of Man’), on which his world famous ‘Pricipal-Agent Theory’ was based, people said that it was unacademic, mad, or simply wrong.
Ten years later, his ideas were generally accepted in the world of business and in academia.
Nowadays, Professon Michael Jensen has again put his reputation on the line by introducing a new Paradigm. On the first of July, 2011, from 13.30 to 15.30, he will stress the importance of integrity, one of the main elements of the new Paradigm of Performance. You can judge for yourself whether he has got it right again. (By the way, if you get the new Paradigm, you won’t even want to judge.)

1 July 2011
Symposium Law, Technology and the New Paradigm of Performance
Michael Jensen’s Workshop on Integrity
Farewell Lecture of Professor De Mulder
40th Anniversary of Richard De Mulder’s employment at the Erasmus University
65th birthday of the emeritus

Erasmus University Auditorium (Aula)
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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