«EU.» – Top level domain names

On 22 April 2002, the Regulation 733/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Implementation of the Internet Top Level Domain «.eu» was adopted. It introduced the first Top Level Domain for use of the European Community. Potential domain name holders and those who will benefit, are individual residents in the EU […]


I. Introduction A modern regulatory framework regarding electronic communication and transactions is considered essential to establishing legal certainty in the field of e-commerce. Τhe nature of the Internet as an open network raises concerns about the confidentiality and security of electronic communication, which hinder the exploitation of the net as a platform for conducting commerce[1]. […]

Data protection issues in electronic commerce. The European Regulatory Framework

Paper for the 9th Consumer Law Conference, Athens 2003. Abstract: This paper briefly examines issues concerning the protection of privacy on the Internet. It discusses the privacy risks, which are posed in the framework of e-commerce and, in particular, the issues of online data collection and online – profiling, credit scoring and online direct advertising […]


Οι κινητές επικοινωνίες αποκτούν ολοένα και αυξανόμενη σημασία στη σύγχρονη κοινωνία των πληροφοριών, καθώς με την εκρηκτική διάδοση των συσκευών κινητής επικοινωνίας (κινητά τηλέφωνα, φορητοί και υπολογιστές χειρός με δυνατότητες ασύρματης επικοινωνίας) και την ανάπτυξη δικτύων επικοινωνίας και υπηρεσιών τρίτης γενιάς (ασυρμάτων δικτύων, Bluetooth, UMTS κοκ.) παρέχονται νέες δυνατότητες στους χρήστες των νέων τεχνολογιών. Οι […]