Summer school “Financial crime, corruption and money laundering: European and international perspectives

Programme Wednesday, 5/7/2017 9:15-10:00 Welcome/ rientation10.00-11.45 Prof. M. Kaiafa-Gbandi (AUTH), Fraud against the financial interests of the EU12.00-13.45 Prof. M. Kaiafa-Gbandi(AUTH), Fraud against the financial interests of the EU14:45-16:30 Dr. jur. Ath. Giannakoula (AUTH), Criminal penalties regarding fraud against the

SSRN Artificial intelligence

Συλλογή πηγών για την τεχνητή νοημοσύνη στο δίκαιο, στο αποθετήριο SSRN, με άρθρα από το περιοδικό: Artificial Intelligence – Law, Policy, & Ethics eJournal  Driven to Safety: Robot Cars and the Future of LiabilityAAJ Research American Association for Justice Date Posted: February